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   My earliest childhood memory is growing up in Rhode Island. Like most girls my favorite playtime consisted of cutting out paper dolls, playing with Barbie and watching Shirley Temple shows.
   I married my sweetheart and have three wonderful adult children, two boys and a girl. We now have been blessed with four adorable grandsons who always give me inspirations in sculpting.
   You would think with no granddaughters I have nobody to play with my dolls but my grandsons love them! I caught my 6 year old grandson play ridding on a motorcycle with a doll name Sophie on the back ( of course I got pictures for later on....) and the three year old just adores Sophie asking to "hold her".
   I've always loved dolls. Years ago I made soft material dolls and bunnies- sewing, painting and dressing them in homemade outfits.
I suppose I always had an artistic ability with sculpting and never ventured there until a friend encouraged me to sculpt. I'm mostly a self taught artist with no formal schooling in art and in 2007 I found the time and really put forth the love I have for the art of doll making as a hobby. Since then it has grown into a business. I have sculpted dolls for a few doll companies and also a few kits for reborning through Petra's dolls and now have had my first kit produced for reborners, along with OOAK dolls sent worldwide to doll collectors.
   My favorite sculpting consists of capturing the different facial expression of innocent children and babies. Have you ever seen the look of a baby with excitement just ready to burst , a smiling happy baby or a sweet shy look on a child? That's where my goal is when sculpting- to give my dolls a personality you see as when looking into a child's face..
I feel blessed to have found a talent I love so much and I hope you enjoy my babies too!
Sometime in 2007 after practicing sculpting heads. I think this is the first doll head I  thought resembled a baby.
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  In Jan. of 2009 a friend encouraged me to send doll pictures to a doll company.
Sophie and Ciara went into production as my first two vinyl dolls
through HSE.
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Welcome to my site of original sculpted dolls! On this page you can read latest news about my dolls and also some information I think that may be of interest to you...Please feel free to browse around and contact me for any questions
at  littlemiracles4u@hotmail.com      Violet
Above 22" Sophie as an OOAK... Below in vinyl
.Oh Violet,
I couldn't wait so I opened the box and took out Lidia.  She is so incredible I started crying. I couldn't believe how beautiful she is. I am so amazed at how real she is from her looks and the weight is just as real as she can be. I even had to kiss her.  Thank you Thank you Thank you for your creation and I truly am her new Mommy.  You must be an angel Violet.  Thank you so much for everything.  I will truly appreciate Lidia everyday!!!!
PS  The Gown is sooooooo beautiful as well.  My baby is outstanding!
Cierra as an OOAK (in clay). Below in vinyl).
Meet Rose! This baby is my newest creation in platinum ecoflex 20 silicone. I will update when available!